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Trusted Tablets All Over the World: Mission, Exclusive Services and Medications for Sale!

Trusted Tablets All Over the World (MJVP) is the friendliest place where you can buy any medications without any limitations. Here you may pick up medical products from hundreds of branded and generic medications for men’s health, women’s health, for the treatment of common disorders and chronic illnesses. We offer personal free consultations to all our customers.

Our mission

Our major task is to make you healthier and save your money on online purchases of medication. We also humbly strive to deliver the best online pharmacy services in the United States, Canada and Worldwide. We work with reputable third-party parents who also take care of their customers and not only about their bank accounts. We understand that building a loyal user community is more important that offering low price tags though our team is sure that both these factors can co-exist together.

Developing a loyal user community is tougher than attracting the attention of new customers since not all users believe that such deals and offered pills are real and effective ones. But if you decide to order at least once by means of our services you will be sure in top-notch quality of all our services – from packing to shipping – as well as in high quality of all brand and generic pills from our trusted partners. We are completely committed to our users and make everything possible to cause a desire of using our service more than once.

Exclusive services

  • Free consultations — all our customers get individual consultations;
  • Overnight delivery “straight to your doors” and free shipping — follow our recommendations and get the most profitable shipping offers online;
  • Mobile application to inform you about the updates of our catalogue and daily/weekly deals and promotions;
  • Unique deals — Trusted Tablets All Over the World is a unique online service where third-party drugstore services (licensed for working in Canada and the United States) offer their unique prices and discount deals of the most popular and efficient pills that are hard to find in local pharmacies;

Why to choose us as your major source of online medication sale?


Many customers see pharmacists as social workers. However, any online pharmacy is primarily a business organization. But we try to combine the system of individual medical consultations delivered by healthcare experts and the effective business structure focusing on the top-level customer support. These are our priorities that bring loyal customers back to our website over and over again.

Recommendations delivered by our pharmacists are always relevant and useful — for example, you may get an advice to buy a drug to restore the intestinal microflora along with an antibiotic use and will never receive a clingy advertisement to purchase a new generic. No, we help you to make the right choice but the final decision is always up to you.

We also encourage you to buy medications in bulk with our special wholesale deals. Wholesale discounts for bulk purchases of medical products are especially relevant for patients with chronic diseases who are forced to take any drugs constantly. In this case, you can use the services of companies to order medications at wholesale terms with very appealing prices. Extra bonus – delivery of the order to the pharmacy convenient for a buyer. Often, within the framework of such services there is a special price when ordering over a certain amount to help you save a lot. This rule is also useful for patient mini-communities that are sometimes spontaneously formed on thematic forums.

We strive to offer the unprecedented online pharmacy service with multiple exclusive features and most competitive prices. That is the main reason why our loyal customers stay with us for many months and years. Hope you will join the ranks of our satisfied customers as well!

The vast array of medications for our customers

Besides many novice users do not trust generic pills available online on our website simply because they have never heard about them. Our team focuses so many efforts on explaining what generics and branded pills are and how users can buy them. It is rather complicated to explain to the community that new generics are not worth (and sometimes even better) than more popular branded pills. Though we give you a choice of different manufacturers and medical products. For example, we prepared the vast catalogue with different specifications, like over 100 different products for Men’s Sexual Health and Women’s Sexual Health.

All our customers may buy the available medications under such price policy:

  • Daily deals for generic and branded pills. Usually such deals offer 5-10% discounts for different categories of our medical products including ED pills and supplements. Small discounts with a limited time offer let you make a quick choice and get a pleasant bonus to your account as well;
  • Spontaneous promotional deals from our partners – such deals happen spontaneously, usually with a limited time schedule. To be aware of these deals (discounts can each up to 50%) you are to be an email subscriber or install our mobile application. Your email alerts will always let you take advantage of these deals;
  • Seasonal scheduled deals – like most online drugstore services, we offer seasonal discounts for anti-flu pills at autumn and winter, anti-allergy agents at spring, etc. Other deals don’t belong to any season but it is still offered during huge seasonal sales since some products are always in high demand;

Prescription medications: brand pills and generics from Trusted Tablets All Over the World

Prescription medications

We proudly announces that deals with many manufacturers of branded and generic pills. We don’t agree that in many countries generics (drug copies) are considered second-rate drugs. Many believe (and large companies spend a lot of money on maintaining this myth) that generics do not help as effectively as expensive original medicines.

However, this myth is not true for the vast majority of drugs. Therefore, all over the world, generics are considered priority goods, and consumers switch from original medicines to more affordable counterparts as soon as possible. Virtually any drug of daily demand (for colds, rhinitis, intestinal disorders, etc.) has equivalent counterparts at lower prices. Their list is usually calculated in dozens of items in any price segment.

The advantages of generics include a significantly lower cost due to competition and (usually) a great experience with such drugs in practice. Generics are usually much cheaper (the difference is palpable – up to several times lower than brand pills’ price tags) because their manufacturers do not bear the capital cost of the development, research and promotion of new drugs. Thus, companies producing generic drugs do not carry any expenses associated with new developments and clinical trials. Their task is to create a top-notch and effective analogue of already tested and approved chemical formulas.

The high price of most drugs due to the fact that they are genuine, that is a unique development of a particular company that holds the patent on an original drug, the patent in turn prevents other manufacturers to produce exactly the same preparation and the same trade name.

Generics on our website are few times cheaper than the original drug, because generic manufacturers with whom we deal do not need to invest huge sums in the development and testing of the drug. They are focusing on quality production and getting their permission to sell their generic drugs all over the world via online pharmacies. Also, we offer exclusive price deals for generics drugs for our customers due to the unique partnership with many generic manufacturers.

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